Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Supplements List Approved by FAA

Do you need A829706-1, 829706-1, A829703-1, 829703-1, A813629, A813614, A812730-4 parts of Seal, Rupture Disc, Seat, Fill Plug, Fill Fitting exclusively made by Walter Kidde, Kidde Graviner, L'hotellier, Kidde, Pacsci/Htl manufacturer? Complete Sourcing Solutions, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has the part in stock and ready to ship out. With access to over 2 billion new and obsolete parts, ASAP is your answer to all your procurement issues. We do the hard work for you.

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Part Number Manufacturer Description RFQ
A829706-1, 829706-1 Walter Kidde Seal RFQ
A829703-1, 829703-1 Walter Kidde Rupture Disc RFQ
A813629 Walter Kidde Seat RFQ
A813614 Walter Kidde Fill Plug RFQ
A812730-4 Walter Kidde Fill Fitting RFQ
A812730-3 Walter Kidde Fill Fitting RFQ
A812730-1 Walter Kidde Fill Fitting RFQ
A812727-1 Walter Kidde Seal RFQ
A806809-1, 806809-1 Walter Kidde Rupture Disc RFQ
A806012, 806012 Walter Kidde Washer RFQ
A805506-5, A805506-7 Walter Kidde Pressure Guage RFQ
A805506-4 Walter Kidde Pressure Guage RFQ
A805506 Walter Kidde Pressure Guage RFQ
A525 Kidde Graviner Fill Fitting Assy RFQ
A492 Kidde Graviner Fill Fitting Assy RFQ
A104 Kidde Graviner Seal RFQ
8665 Walter Kidde COPPER WASHER RFQ
862954 L'hotellier Diaphragm RFQ
860115 L'hotellier Lead Gasket RFQ
844627 Walter Kidde Rupture Disc RFQ
844618 Walter Kidde Fill Fitting RFQ
844617 Walter Kidde Fill Fitting RFQ
844597 Walter Kidde Rupture Disc RFQ
844450 Walter Kidde Rupture Disc RFQ
844176 Walter Kidde Rupture Disc RFQ
844103 Walter Kidde Rupture Disc RFQ
844003 Walter Kidde Rupture Disc RFQ
843993 Walter Kidde Fill Fitting RFQ
842472 Walter Kidde Fill Fitting RFQ
842117 Walter Kidde Fill Fitting RFQ
840105 Walter Kidde Firex Cylinder RFQ
820429 L'hotellier Lock Clamp RFQ
820428 L'hotellier Bolt RFQ
820422 L'hotellier Lead Gasket RFQ
811754 L'hotellier Washer RFQ
811753 L'hotellier Lead Gasket RFQ
811708, A811708 Walter Kidde Disc RFQ
811623 L'hotellier Coupling RFQ
811531 L'hotellier Washer RFQ
811517 L'hotellier Safety Relief Kit RFQ
811515 L'hotellier Safety Releif Kit RFQ
811514 L'hotellier Lead Gasket RFQ
811506s2 L'hotellier Cutting Washer RFQ
811505s2 L'hotellier Seal Washer RFQ
811502 L'hotellier Safety Relief Base RFQ
811255 L'hotellier Rupture Disc RFQ
806807-1, A806807-1 Walter Kidde Seal RFQ
806011, A806011 Walter Kidde Disc RFQ
805505, A805505 Walter Kidde Seat RFQ
803232 L'hotellier Lead Gasket RFQ
803226 L'hotellier Washer RFQ
802503 Kidde Check Assembly RFQ
802414, A802414 Walter Kidde Disc RFQ
801944 Walter Kidde PIERCING PIN ASSY RFQ
801155 L'hotellier Washer RFQ
801067 L'hotellier Lock Washer RFQ
800507, A800507 Walter Kidde Disc RFQ
6933-704 PacSci/HTL Pressure Guage RFQ
6933-701 PacSci/HTL Pressure Guage RFQ
6933-700 PacSci/HTL Pressure Guage RFQ
6555-00 Scott Gasket RFQ
65334-9 Air Cruisers Cylinder RFQ
65334-25 Air Cruisers Cylinder RFQ
65334-23 Air Cruisers Cylinder RFQ
65334-18 Air Cruisers Cylinder RFQ
65334-17 Air Cruisers Cylinder RFQ
65334-16 Air Cruisers Cylinder RFQ
65334-13 Air Cruisers Cylinder RFQ
65334-10 Air Cruisers Cylinder RFQ
6370-00 Scott Washer RFQ
630124-11, 4A3192-6 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
630122-1,630124-03 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
630120-1 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
630119-1, 630124-04 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
630114-1 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
630110-2, 630110-12 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
630110-14, 630110-4 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
630110-13 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
6084-34, 10003367 Scott Oxygen Cylinder RFQ
6084-33 Scott Oxygen Cylinder RFQ
6084-29, 10005002 Scott Oxygen Cylinder RFQ
5A2644-8, 630124-06 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
59776-01 Scott Seal Boss RFQ
57854-00 Scott Packing RFQ
57524-00 Scott Valve Core RFQ
55620-02 Scott Packing RFQ
55620-01 Scott Packing RFQ
53100191-1 PacSci/HTL Valve RFQ
52400006-1 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
52400001-1 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
52300010-1 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
52100024-1 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
52000714-1 PacSci/HTL Housing Assembly RFQ
5032-01 Scott Gasket RFQ
4A3833-1, 630124-07 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
4A3625-2 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
4A3625-1 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
4A3530, 630124-09 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
4A3192-1 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
4A3057 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
446576 Walter Kidde Rupture Disc RFQ
446216 Walter Kidde Fill Fitting RFQ
424081 Walter Kidde Fill Fitting RFQ
424048 Walter Kidde Fill Fitting RFQ
35299900 PacSci/HTL Fusible Valve RFQ
35294301 PacSci/HTL Discharge Valve RFQ
35240130-9 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-8 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-7 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-6 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-5 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-4 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-3 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-22 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-21 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-20 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-2 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-19 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-18 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-17 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-15 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-14 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-13 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-12 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35240130-1 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
35200412 PacSci/HTL Discharge Valve RFQ
35001004-1 PacSci/HTL Discharge Indicator RFQ
346521 Walter Kidde Fill Pluh RFQ
33440081-2 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
33440052-1 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
33440018-7 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
33440018-6 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
33440018-4 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
33440018-3 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
33440018-1 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
33440016-8 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
33440016-6 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
33440016-5 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
33440016-4 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
33440016-2 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
33440016-1 PacSci/HTL Rupture Disc RFQ
33370101 PacSci/HTL Housing Assembly RFQ
33370004 PacSci/HTL Housing Assembly RFQ
32583 Walter Kidde GROOVE PIN RFQ
31840000 PacSci/HTL Valve Stem RFQ
31001615 PacSci/HTL Shunt RFQ
30903876 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903875 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903874 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903872 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903871 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903870 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903859 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903857 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903856 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903852 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903828 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903827 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903823 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903822 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903819 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30903801 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30900400 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30900000M PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
30840055 PacSci/HTL Shunt RFQ
30840007 PacSci/HTL Shunt RFQ
30840006 PacSci/HTL Shunt RFQ
30840003 PacSci/HTL Shunt RFQ
300117-650, 16D17194-20 Goodrich, Air Cruisers Cylinder RFQ
300117-500 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
300117-265, D17194-25 Goodrich, Air Cruisers Cylinder RFQ
300117-225 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
300117-175 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
300117-150 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
300117-100 Goodrich Cylinder RFQ
281630 Walter Kidde Fill Plug RFQ
2725-709 PacSci/HTL Pressure Guage RFQ
262539 Walter Kidde Gasket RFQ
256068 Walter Kidde Fill Plug RFQ
245845 Walter Kidde Washer RFQ
245824 Walter Kidde Rupture Disc RFQ
21507-06 Scott Oxygen Cylinder RFQ
21507-05 Scott Oxygen Cylinder RFQ
21507-04, 21507-15 Scott Oxygen Cylinder RFQ
21507-03 Scott Oxygen Cylinder RFQ
21507-02 Scott Oxygen Cylinder RFQ
21507-01 Scott Oxygen Cylinder RFQ
21130 Walter Kidde GROOVE PIN RFQ
208255 Walter Kidde LOCK RING RFQ
205677 Walter Kidde SPRING WASHER RFQ
202381 Walter Kidde CHECK RFQ
201386 Walter Kidde CO2 CARTRIDGE RFQ
201253 Walter Kidde STEM WASHER RFQ
201208 Walter Kidde NOZZLE RFQ
201205 Walter Kidde STEM RFQ
16D17194-17 Air Cruisers Cylinder RFQ
16D17194-16 Air Cruisers Cylinder RFQ
13362-00 Scott Gasket RFQ
13239 PacSci/HTL Discharge Valve RFQ
13225 PacSci/HTL Discharge Valve RFQ
13146 PacSci/HTL Housing Assembly RFQ
13083-5 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
13083-45 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
13083-25 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
13083-10 PacSci/HTL Cartridge RFQ
13066 PacSci/HTL Seal RFQ
13059, 13059-1 PacSci/HTL Discharge Valve RFQ
13051 PacSci/HTL Shunt RFQ
13038 PacSci/HTL Valve Plug RFQ
13035 PacSci/HTL Discharge Valve RFQ
13028 PacSci/HTL Fill Fitting RFQ
13014 PacSci/HTL Fusible vavle RFQ
10005003 Scott Oxygen Cylinder RFQ
10003578 Scott Washer RFQ
10003365 Scott Oxygen Cylinder RFQ

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