Tighitco Inc NSN Parts List

CAGE Code:   SW416, 41628, 4R582, 22013

At Complete Sourcing Solutions, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, we have 45H23917, 36H30151, 128EC61210-25, 128P10825-23, 45H-23936 parts and NSN 1560008598649, 1560011008615, 2840012914300, 1560008334062, 1560013611739 by Tighitco Inc manufacturer within our extensive inventory of over 6 billion new and obsolete parts. A dedicated account manager is available 24/7 to assist you with your parts search. From sourcing to shipping, the ASAP team is here to help. We test each and every part to ensure our customers get exactly what they were looking for.

Our attention to detail has resulted in an AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certification and an FAA 0056B accreditation. We are the only independent distributor with a NO CHINA SOURCING policy. Our shipping and supply chain features some of the fastest shipping times in the industry. We can handle AOG time constraints with ease using our expedited shipping and same-day shipping services. Submit a request for quote today to get started!

Part No RFQ
32-83231-5 RFQ
15H28871-103 RFQ
42H30622-2 RFQ
4F33374-112B RFQ
60H30863-568 RFQ
45H23917 RFQ
36H30151 RFQ
128EC61210-25 RFQ
128P10825-23 RFQ
45H-23936 RFQ
RP94304-154A RFQ
60H30863-527 RFQ
60H30863-529 RFQ
86H24246-5 RFQ
15H28872-105 RFQ
36H26014-11 RFQ
4J31251-701C RFQ
12H26600-102 RFQ
5271-935417-101 RFQ
298S30236 RFQ
42H26143P04 RFQ
15H27585-103 RFQ
AC22-109-11 RFQ
3P90961-113 RFQ
42H3022-1 RFQ
99SM42130-2 RFQ
86-21747-8 RFQ
42H26128P43 RFQ
12H26596-105 RFQ
132H27196-19R RFQ
371079-4 RFQ
12H27012-105 RFQ
1128EC41176-21 RFQ
298S27891 RFQ
5271-937668-109 RFQ
298S31495 RFQ
86H24859-384A RFQ
15H27585-101 RFQ
99T26720-14B36 RFQ
15H28871-107 RFQ
86H24853-105 RFQ
3311786-25 RFQ
70400-21226-101 RFQ
42530721-7 RFQ
32-50162-21 RFQ
12H27011-125 RFQ
60H30927-1 RFQ
42H26099-1 RFQ
86S27367-27 RFQ
70500-22104-048 RFQ
3826185-3 RFQ
16H40198-1 RFQ
45-22148-0762 RFQ
9052M89P01 RFQ
A51E20101-7 RFQ
70302-02128-104 RFQ
65217-09007-047 RFQ
123BP50008-3 RFQ
12-22409-7 RFQ
86H24859-424A RFQ
15H28872-107 RFQ
42H24827-1 RFQ
3A99004-103 RFQ
5271-937674-101 RFQ
42H26154-4 RFQ
3311786-7 RFQ
724051 RFQ
70308-03802-101 RFQ
42H26206-1 RFQ
86SM41368-104A RFQ
16-22288-570 RFQ
3A99012-105 RFQ
5271-937676-101 RFQ
4W13518-113A RFQ
60H30863-539 RFQ
42H24827-2 RFQ
42H28776 RFQ
65202-07062-101 RFQ
12H26604-101 RFQ
42H26205-1 RFQ
70500-02072-043 RFQ
42H26416 RFQ
42H26129-25 RFQ
12H26596-107 RFQ
42H26095-2 RFQ
70207-24001-041 RFQ
132H27196-7 RFQ
128EC10102-33 RFQ
86H24859-373A RFQ
12H24129-3 RFQ
9682M34P03 RFQ
16H40198-30 RFQ
15H28869-103 RFQ
65207-08006-041 RFQ
99T26720-12B36 RFQ
360641-20 RFQ
42H26271-2 RFQ
12H26596-113 RFQ
86H24266-9 RFQ
4J50007-228A RFQ
86SM41368-101A RFQ
42H26129-19 RFQ
4F5296-198A RFQ
42H26168-1 RFQ
12H26604-103 RFQ
4J31102-115A RFQ
4P94301-148A RFQ
65560-11202-116 RFQ
3P90961-115 RFQ
86H24265-3 RFQ
42H26096-1 RFQ
86H24854-308A RFQ
4T63010-103A RFQ
128P10825-13 RFQ
270H40047-101 RFQ
16-22288-551 RFQ
338S30101N RFQ
42530725 RFQ
16H40007-3 RFQ
60H30863-554 RFQ
298S30235 RFQ
1128EC40160-17 RFQ
4F75312-146A RFQ
12H26596-109 RFQ
65207-02024-042 RFQ
70108-28038-042 RFQ
128EC60046-1 RFQ
42H27068-2 RFQ
42-22936-5 RFQ
12-22367-3 RFQ
42H26291 RFQ
60H30863-561 RFQ
132H27196-27 RFQ
86H24859-375A RFQ
65207-08009-082 RFQ
65211-06030-111 RFQ
42H26410-1 RFQ
4W12030-239A RFQ
3A99012-107 RFQ
42H26128-30 RFQ
70400-02261-102 RFQ
4P22059-101A RFQ
132H27196-29L RFQ
42H30072-1 RFQ
8631078-3 RFQ
86S31078-6 RFQ
42H26548 RFQ
42H24847-6 RFQ
4F33402-116A RFQ
101-22830-3 RFQ
33H29885 RFQ
42H2628-1 RFQ
373734-12 RFQ
354141-3 RFQ
86H24859-381A RFQ
132H27196-25L RFQ
370939-5R RFQ
4J50007-227A RFQ
42H26684-4 RFQ
36H26178-19 RFQ
354387-161 RFQ
60H30863-537 RFQ
12H26599-103 RFQ
33H30409 RFQ
16-22288-571 RFQ
42H26097-2 RFQ
42H26129-26 RFQ
42530721-3 RFQ
763694-21 RFQ
270H4006-101 RFQ
60H30863-505 RFQ
86H26250-107A RFQ
1128EC42032-13 RFQ
60H30863-513 RFQ
132H27196-13L RFQ
86-21729-48 RFQ
36H26643-15 RFQ
4F75400-135A RFQ
15H24742-6 RFQ
70200-42401-137 RFQ
257S29977-1 RFQ
4E65025-211A RFQ
4J12000-711A RFQ
45-22047-1460 RFQ
298S27447N RFQ
42H27067-1 RFQ
4J50007-230A RFQ
388584-1 RFQ
42H26136 RFQ
16H40198-18 RFQ
5271-937665-101 RFQ
4J50007-223A RFQ
65101-11021-117 RFQ
9052M89P05 RFQ
42H26129-22 RFQ
12H26596-103 RFQ
4J12400-103A RFQ
42H26414 RFQ
3A99008-109 RFQ
4J50007-232A RFQ
128EC10102-51 RFQ
15H27588-106 RFQ
42H26128P44 RFQ
5271-937664-101 RFQ
86-2188-124 RFQ
70214-02556-118 RFQ
70500-02072-041 RFQ
42H30969-4 RFQ
132H27196-17 RFQ
12-22409-3 RFQ
66H28351 RFQ
66-22213-1 RFQ
12-22206-31 RFQ
42-22936-3G RFQ
4J11040-181B RFQ
12-22206-29 RFQ
70652-06258-106 RFQ
86H24859-432A RFQ
4F33413-113B RFQ
86H24859-349A RFQ
114H27048-1 RFQ
86H24859-343A RFQ
32-83231-27 RFQ
86H24859-367A RFQ
257H29976-13 RFQ
5271-935480-101 RFQ
132H27196-19L RFQ
132H27196-9 RFQ
60H30863-559 RFQ
42H24847P07 RFQ
763694-10 RFQ
36H24278-59 RFQ
42 27063-2 RFQ
60H30863-550 RFQ
42H26128P02 RFQ
36H26635-25 RFQ
12-22409-9 RFQ
36H26071-15 RFQ
60H30863-531 RFQ
4W54024-103A RFQ
5271-937669-101 RFQ
4W12555-114A RFQ
60H30863-553 RFQ
86H24859-383A RFQ
1128EC40051-21 RFQ
12-22206-32 RFQ
12H26595-105 RFQ
70306-02106-042 RFQ
12H27010-105 RFQ
4P52072-133A RFQ
370920-3 RFQ
86-21672-3 RFQ
257H29976-010 RFQ
12-23674-9 RFQ
86H24851-5 RFQ
353885-8 RFQ
15H28870-105 RFQ
32-83231-41 RFQ
15H28869-101 RFQ
12H26597-101 RFQ
128EC61214-21 RFQ
60H30863-507 RFQ
3A99009-103 RFQ
L21573P02 RFQ
SS7102-08-1008 RFQ
42H26281-1 RFQ
298S30237 RFQ
86H24859-429A RFQ
86H24638-101 RFQ
33H27706 RFQ
12H27011-135 RFQ
32-50162-27 RFQ
86-21888-173 RFQ
86SM413368-103A RFQ
36H26071 RFQ
86H24859-417A RFQ
360031-10 RFQ
332S30319 RFQ
12-21532-23 RFQ
42H26129-31 RFQ
60H30863-515 RFQ
42H26128P03 RFQ
17H28401-105 RFQ
16H40198-15 RFQ
42H30244-1 RFQ
12H26601-101 RFQ
12-22206-40 RFQ
3311693-9 RFQ
128EC61214-19 RFQ
16H40198-16 RFQ
86H24859-368A RFQ
16H40198-14 RFQ
16H40198-17 RFQ
298S31495N RFQ
42H24847-06 RFQ
86H24859-436A RFQ
36H29868 RFQ
86H24859-357A RFQ
42H26282 RFQ
86-22634-7 RFQ
86H24859-425A RFQ
4F33401-129A RFQ
86H24853-103 RFQ
86H24853-107 RFQ
42H26128P17 RFQ
12-22206-41 RFQ
16H40007-1 RFQ
5073T08P01 RFQ
65211-06030-107 RFQ
70217-02702-050 RFQ
86S31078-5 RFQ
45-22047-15-14 RFQ
4J11039-102B RFQ
60H30863-579 RFQ
16SM40198-23 RFQ
303H28702 RFQ
352272-34 RFQ
42H27063-1 RFQ
66-22113-2 RFQ
42H26168-2 RFQ
5904306 RFQ
42 H 26687-1 RFQ
4T41242-103E RFQ
15H28872-103 RFQ
12H26606-101 RFQ
42H26113-P02 RFQ
86-21672-5 RFQ
42H26128P39 RFQ
512D199P1 RFQ
360641-10 RFQ
132H27196-1 RFQ
4P94304-152A RFQ
4A10190-101A RFQ
370097-2 RFQ
60H30863-540 RFQ
A52E20221-5 RFQ
16H40198-24 RFQ
42H3022-3 RFQ
5271-935418-101 RFQ
42H26209-1 RFQ
371079-2 RFQ
86H24265-5 RFQ
70209-01021-106 RFQ
42H27065-1 RFQ
4W12511-159A RFQ
257H29976-3 RFQ
12-22206-38 RFQ
36H26071-17 RFQ
65207-08012-041 RFQ
12H26595-109 RFQ
15H24742-5 RFQ
505S42318 RFQ
36H27732-3 RFQ
5271-937673-101 RFQ
15H28870-101 RFQ
593SM40530-109 RFQ
00-484-1584 RFQ
45-22148-5038 RFQ
42H26206-2 RFQ
5271-937668-105 RFQ
16H40007-2 RFQ
4W13518-108A RFQ
12H26601-111 RFQ
372S41154 RFQ
42S30721-5 RFQ
354387-126 RFQ
42H26156 RFQ
86H24854-309A RFQ
42530724-1 RFQ
16H40198-12 RFQ
114H27054 RFQ
12H26600-101 RFQ
42S30725 RFQ
65211-06030-112 RFQ
60H30863-509 RFQ
42H27068-1 RFQ
42H26143P03 RFQ
L44593P01 RFQ
12T25550-101 RFQ
388583-1 RFQ
86-21729-28 RFQ
132H27196-23 RFQ
42530721-8 RFQ
60H30863-558 RFQ
42H26283 RFQ
351939-7 RFQ
42H26113P01 RFQ
16H40198-13 RFQ
12-21521-7R RFQ
298S27448 RFQ
42H26424 RFQ
15H27588-107 RFQ
70550-02131-125 RFQ
42H26410-2 RFQ
16H40198-3 RFQ
60H30863-570 RFQ
763694-11 RFQ
12H27012-103 RFQ
15H28867-101 RFQ
12H26595-117 RFQ
15T26165-7 RFQ
42H26128P37 RFQ
70217-02708-045 RFQ
85S28679-9 RFQ
505S29985 RFQ
86H24859-430A RFQ
12H26595-113 RFQ
1128EC40164 RFQ
128P10824-19 RFQ
70301-21003-102 RFQ
1128EC41174-23 RFQ
70500-02059-062 RFQ
42H26128P01 RFQ
60I123610-19 RFQ
60H30863-560 RFQ
42H26128P42 RFQ
1128EC41137-31 RFQ
16H40007-4 RFQ
4F75284-253A RFQ
15H27588-103 RFQ
45-22047-1475 RFQ
60H30863-543 RFQ
70200-42401-141 RFQ
371080-5 RFQ
42H29341 RFQ
12H26599-101 RFQ
12H26595-111 RFQ
12H26597-105 RFQ
3A99020-103 RFQ
86H24853-101 RFQ
4J51015-101A RFQ
42H26144 RFQ
65201-04017-084 RFQ
60H30863-541 RFQ
128EC60048-7 RFQ
42H-26686 RFQ
245-4309236PC63 RFQ
15-22981-5 RFQ
60H30863-563 RFQ
371050-4 RFQ
25-6326-504 RFQ
4W14755-151A RFQ
65218-04028-044 RFQ
12-22206-28 RFQ
38H24814-3 RFQ
12-21532-20 RFQ
86H27267-5 RFQ
33H29700 RFQ
12H27011-127 RFQ
45H23937 RFQ
116H27638-11 RFQ
70308-03802-102 RFQ
15H27588-102 RFQ
86H24859-353A RFQ
12-21527-41 RFQ
42530721-2 RFQ
86H24851-9 RFQ
66H27984 RFQ
42H30249 RFQ
45-22047-1750 RFQ
42H26211-1 RFQ
86-217291-56 RFQ
70250-34042-123 RFQ
1128EC40162-17 RFQ
3A99009-105 RFQ
12H27012-106 RFQ
17H28150-101 RFQ
45H-23919 RFQ
4P94304-164A RFQ
132H27196-25R RFQ
42H23506 RFQ
1128EC40162-11 RFQ
12H26596-101 RFQ
70500-02072-042 RFQ
60H23716-23 RFQ
86H24269-9 RFQ
12H24130-3 RFQ
298S27448N RFQ
5271-935422-101 RFQ
1128P41539-13 RFQ
123EC10102-27 RFQ
60H30863-562 RFQ
1128EC41159-21 RFQ
4J50007-231A RFQ
12H27011-131 RFQ
86H24859-427A RFQ
4F33405-111A RFQ
16-22288-546 RFQ
65207-08005-053 RFQ
16H40198-21 RFQ
65302-12506-044 RFQ
42H26211-2 RFQ
42H24575-3 RFQ
60H30863-535 RFQ
12-22367-4 RFQ
27-22598-1 RFQ
338S29772 RFQ
371080-6 RFQ
15H27586-102 RFQ

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