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Manufacturer's List of Resistors


Part Number's List for Resistors

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
CR05-163JM aac 0402 1/16w 16k 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-3300FM aac 0402 1/16w 330r 1% Avl RFQ
CR16-301JM aac 0603 1/16w 300r 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-220JM aac 0402 1/16w 22r 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-39R2FM aac 0603 1/16w 39.2r 1% Avl RFQ
CR16-2492FM aac 0603 1/16w 24.9k 1% Avl RFQ
CR10-394JM aac 0805 1/10w 390k 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-82R5FM aac 0402 1/16w 82.5r 1% Avl RFQ
CR16-155JM aac 0603 1/16w 1.5m 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-1210FM aac 0603 1/16w 121r 1% Avl RFQ
CR16-101JM aac 0603 1/16w 100r 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-1272FM aac 0603 1/16w 12.7k 1% Avl RFQ
CR16-100JM aac 0603 1/16w 10r 5% Avl RFQ
CRH05-476JM aac 0402 1/20w 47m 5% Avl RFQ
CRN16-4V-473JBM aac (3.2x1.6) 47k 5% concav/sq Avl RFQ
CRH16-7504FM aac 0603 1/16w 7.50m 1% Avl RFQ
CRH16-1825FM aac 0603 1/16w 18.2m 1% Avl RFQ
CR18-620JM aac 1206 1/8w 62r 5% Avl RFQ
CRN16-4V-105JCM aac (3.2x1.6) 1m 5% cnvex/sq Avl RFQ
CRH10-108MM aac 0805 0.1w 1g 20% Avl RFQ
CR18-510JM aac 1206 1/8w 51r 5% Avl RFQ
CRL01-R100FNM aac 2512 1/2w 0.100r 1% 300ppm Avl RFQ
CR18-222JM aac 1206 1/8w 2.2k 5% Avl RFQ
CRP05-152JM aac 0402 pdag 1/16w 1.5k 5% Avl RFQ
CRS16-1002FM aac 0603 1% 10k anti-sulfuration Avl RFQ
CR18-300JM aac 1206 1/8w 30r 5% Avl RFQ
CR18-49R9FM aac 1206 1/8w 49.9r 1% Avl RFQ
CR18-4993FM aac 1206 1/8w 499k 1% Avl RFQ
CR18-561JM aac 1206 1/8w 560r 5% Avl RFQ
CR18-221JM aac 1206 1/8w 220r 5% Avl RFQ
CR10-821JM aac 0805 1/10w 820r 5% Avl RFQ
CR18-101JM aac 1206 1/8w 100r 5% Avl RFQ
CR10-473JM aac 0805 1/10w 47k 5% Avl RFQ
CR10-474JM aac 0805 1/10w 470k 5% Avl RFQ
CRH18-2205FM aac 1206 1/8w 22m 1% Avl RFQ
CR10-4120FM aac 0805 1/10w 412r 1% Avl RFQ
CR10-565JM aac 0805 1/10w 5.6m 5% Avl RFQ
CR10-5490FM aac 0805 1/10w 549r 1% Avl RFQ
CR10-683JM aac 0805 1/10w 68k 5% Avl RFQ
CR18-102JM aac 1206 1/8w 1k 5% Avl RFQ
CR10-475JM aac 0805 1/10w 4.7m 5% Avl RFQ
CJ10-000M aac 0805 1/10w 0.0r 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-9761FM aac 0603 1/16w 9.76k 1% Avl RFQ
CR16-620JM aac 0603 1/16w 62r 5% Avl RFQ
CR10-1201FM aac 0805 1/10w 1.2k 1% Avl RFQ
CR16-563JM aac 0603 1/16w 56k 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-44R2FM aac 0603 1/16w 44.2r 1% Avl RFQ
CR16-512JM aac 0603 1/16w 5.1k 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-391JM aac 0603 1/16w 390r 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-47R5FM aac 0603 1/16w 47.5r 1% Avl RFQ
CR10-201JM aac 0805 1/10w 200r 5% Avl RFQ
CR10-206JM aac 0805 1/10w 20m 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-561JM aac 0402 1/16w 560r 5% Avl RFQ
CR10-1822FM aac 0805 1/10w 18.2k 1% Avl RFQ
CR10-1472FM aac 0805 1/10w 14.7k 1% Avl RFQ
CR10-2R21FM aac 0805 1/10w 2.21r 1% Avl RFQ
CR10-121JM aac 0805 1/10w 120r 5% Avl RFQ
CR10-1182FM aac 0805 1/10w 11.8k 1% Avl RFQ
CR10-10R0FM aac 0805 1/10w 10r 1% Avl RFQ
CR10-274JM aac 0805 1/10w 270k 5% Avl RFQ
CR10-224JM aac 0805 1/10w 220k 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-271JM aac 0603 1/16w 270r 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-331JM aac 0402 1/16w 330r 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-330JM aac 0402 1/16w 33r 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-11R3FM aac 0402 1/16w 11.3r 1% Avl RFQ
CR05-470JM aac 0402 1/16w 47r 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-512JM aac 0402 1/16w 5.1k 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-2372FM aac 0402 1/16w 23.7k 1% Avl RFQ
CR05-100JM aac 0402 1/16w 10r 5% Avl RFQ
CRN16-4V-330JCM aac (3.2x1.6) 33r 5%,con Avl RFQ
CR05-1002FM aac 0402 1/16w 10k 1% Avl RFQ
CR05-270JM aac 0402 1/16w 27r 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-510JM aac 0402 1/16w 51r 5% Avl RFQ
CRN16-4V-680JCM aac (3.2x1.6) 68r 5%,convx/sq Avl RFQ
CR05-151JM aac 0402 1/16w 150r 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-2870FM aac 0402 1/16w 287r 1% Avl RFQ
CR05-332JM aac 0402 1/16w 3.3k 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-300JM aac 0402 1/16w 30r 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-334JM aac 0402 1/16w 330k 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-133JM aac 0402 1/16w 13k 5% Avl RFQ
CR10-184JM aac 0805 1/10w 180k 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-222JM aac 0402 1/16w 2.2k 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-2003FM aac 0603 1/16w 200k 1% Avl RFQ
CR16-2493FM aac 0603 1/16w 249k 1% Avl RFQ
CR16-222JM aac 0603 1/16w 2.2k 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-102JM aac 0603 1/16w 1k 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-1R50FM aac 0402 1/16w 1.5r 1% Avl RFQ
CR16-300JM aac 0603 1/16w 30r 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-1300FM aac 0603 1/16w 130r 1% Avl RFQ
CR10-1003FM aac 0805 1/10w 100k 1% Avl RFQ
CR05-201JM aac 0402 1/16w 200r 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-331JM aac 0603 1/16w 330r 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-2490FM aac 0603 1/16w 249r 1% Avl RFQ
CR05-2R7JM aac 0402 1/16w 2.7r 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-3320FM aac 0402 1/16w 332r 1% Avl RFQ
CR05-272JM aac 0402 1/16w 2.7k 5% Avl RFQ
CR10-472JM aac 0805 1/10w 4.7k 5% Avl RFQ
CR05-823JM aac 0402 1/16w 82k 5% Avl RFQ
CR16-1501FM aac 0603 1/16w 1.5k 1% Avl RFQ
CR05-682JM aac 0402 1/16w 6.8k 5% Avl RFQ

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